Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, in math, we practiced comparing fractions using <, >, or =. The students discovered that the larger the denominator, the smaller the actual fraction will be. While the students worked independently, Mrs. Arul and I met with small groups focusing on identifying fractions of a set and comparing fractions. There is a fraction comparison worksheet for homework.

In reading we used headings to predict the main idea of a section of text. The students enjoyed the article about King Tut which we used to practice this strategy. After that I reviewed my expectations for the use of the feedback I provide on the students' written work. I also modeled writing a paragraph about Michael Jordan's childhood.

Then, while I read with several students one-on -one, the students rewrote their "fame" paragraphs using the feedback I provided. Next, they wrote a rough draft about their famous person's childhood. Finally, if they had enough time, the students were to write their spelling words three times each, once in print and twice in cursive.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, we will have a class meeting. Then the students will finish their "Be a Good Citizen" posters and share them with the rest of the class.

Remember...sound projects (instrument, diagram and paragraph) are due FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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