Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hump Day

Well, it is back to our normal routine for a couple of days!!

In math we continued working on probability. The students worked with partners and then independently to identify the possible outcomes of an event and to make tree diagrams to identify the possible outcomes. Most students do not have homework but those who did not complete their classwork must do so tonight at home.

We began a new genre in reading...biographies! Today we read and discussed the theme of a biography about Gail Devers. Then I shared with the class that we will be doing some research about other famous people. But before doing so, we will have to identify questions we want answered by our research. Today we learned the difference between thick and thin questions. Thin questions are questions that result in a one (or 2) word answer. For example, do you like ice cream, is a think question. A thick question is one which demands a more involved answer, such as, why do you like ice cream?

While I touched base with reading groups, the students worked independently on a biography reading comprehension work sheet about Walt Disney./ They also completed a WOW worksheet for hasty. When they were done with those tasks, they worked on any unfinished work and read quietly.

Hornets: We read and discussed chapter 8.

Snow Tigers: We read the last chapter of Different Dragons.

Hyenas: Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet with this group. :-(

Following lunch and recess the class will go to PE. After that, we will continue reading about the principles and foundations of our government, using a packet I handed out yesterday that is to be kept in the social studies section of their binder...just i case you want to read it! :-)

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