Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Back!

I hope each of you and your families had a wonderful Winter Break! I know I did but am glad to be back to a semi-normal routine!!

In math, today, we began with a 3 question entrance card. The students worked on three items independently so that I could see how much instruction they retained over the ten day break. After that, I began to introduce a program called Hands on Equations. This is a packaged program that introduces the students to equations and variables (ie. x + x = 4 and 2x = 4 so x = 2, etc.). There is a basic facts worksheet for homework.

We began reading by reviewing the state research project that we began working on, in school, before break. Then I modeled using a non fiction text to gain new information and complete parts of the graphic organizer. After that, the students returned to the graphic organizer they began before break and analyzed their own work; Do they have enough information? Does their information makes sense? Does the student have questions for me? T

Then we proceeded to the media center to continue gathering information. When we returned from the media center, Mrs. Harmon, a PTA parent volunteer, discussed the upcoming science fair with the entire third grade. This is an exciting event. Please ask your child about the presentation and encourage them to participate.

The entire reading class has a reading comprehension activity for homework. They need to read a page about holidays and answer the questions that are attached, in complete sentences.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will go to art. When they return we will discuss New Year's Resolutions and write one. I will keep these and return them to the students at the end of the school year. If we have time, we will begin writing MSA songs.

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