Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday...a day of math!

Long time no hear...right!?! We had Monday off for MLK's birthday, Tuesday schools were closed due to bad weather and I was out yesterday due to old age, and a bad back!!!

I am back today...and it's going to be a busy day!!

We will be working on math all morning, beginning with a Mock MSA practice session for math. After that, we will be going to math classes and reviewing the Mock MSA.

Next, for my math class, comes the tricky part...
Due to deadlines for the math department and for report cards, I need to have ALL unit 3 math assessments completed by the end of the day tomorrow! To add to my stress, the weather is calling for some snow, which could possibly result in a delayed opening.

Normally, I would not want to begin a unit assessment on the same day we had a practice for the MSA. However, to ensure that students get two days to work on it, I am going to begin today...with the understanding that the children will be able to review their answers and change anything they want to change, tomorrow.

Is this the ideal? No! But given Mother Nature and time constraints, I feel it is the best course of action. PLEASE feel free to email me if you have concerns or questions.

Following lunch and recess the students will be going to the media center and watching the end of the Ruby Bridges movie.

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