Friday, January 7, 2011


It's Friday and we made it through the first (full!) week of the 2011 calendar year...AND it was a good one!!

In math we took our third quiz for Unit 3. They are scored and should be in your child's math section of his/her binder. The students did very well!!! Their hard working is paying off!!

We began reading by the students working in groups of three to edit and improve each others physical geography and climate paragraphs. After that we identified the characteristics of a well constructed BCR (sort answer question).

While I met with reading groups the students wrote their natural resources paragraph and completed any other unfinished work for the week. All three reading groups participated in the same lesson during their small group time. Using the reading comprehension worksheet that their group completed independently, yesterday, in class, we crafted responses. We discussed using words from the question, not using pronouns in the first sentence and what it means (looks like) to use specific details in the response.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students went to music. When they return we will create sound using slide whistles.

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