Thursday, December 23, 2010

And we're there!!!

We have reached Winter Break...well, almost!

This morning in math we played a game called I have/Who has? to practice our basic multiplication facts. It was PAINFULLY clear that the children have not been practicing/memorizing their basic facts. They truly need to do this. M

I am often asked via e-mail or at parent conferences, "What can I do to help (fill in YOUR child's name here!)?" is how YOU can help...make sure your child has memorized their basic multiplication, addition, subtraction and division facts. Make them spend 3-5 minutes each day practicing using flashcards or one of the math links I have on this blog. Consistency is more important than the length of time.

In reading we continued our reading to perform a task study and created more pop-ups.

We will go to recess first and then lunch, early, due to a holiday performance by the Damascus High School marching band. After the band's performance, we will visit the media center with Mrs. Rose. Finally, we will end the day by talking about the MSA. We will listen to some MSA songs created by students, including our own 4th graders in Mrs. Moxley's class. Then we will try to write our own MSA song to show those 4th graders how it is done!

Happy Holidays to all!!!

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