Monday, January 10, 2011

Marvelous Monday

We had a few changes in our schedule due to our winter band and chorus concert that is scheduled for this afternoon. As I expected, the kids were great about going with the flow and adjusting to shortened math and reading blocks!!

In math we began with a warm up and then I split the students into smaller groups of 4. Each group was given the same short answer questions asking them to solve 35 divided by 7 using a calculator that had broken division and addition buttons. The hope was that in the small groups they would recognize that the subtraction button could be used because division is simply repeated subtraction. We will share each groups finished response tomorrow, at the beginning of class. There is a numeric pattern worksheet for homework.

After math, we had a half hour to work on our MSA song. We actually completed an entire refrain and the chorus. We also practiced singing it to music several times.

In reading we read and discussed a non fiction reading piece called Butterfly of Thailand. Then we dissected a BCR that went with it. After demonstrating how to identify what the BCR was asking, we underlined important information within the text. We also underlined key words, from the question, that should be used in the response. Finally, the students worked independently to construct an answer to the BCR. I can't wait to read them!!

While I met with reading groups the students answered the BCR mentioned above and completed their natural resource and interesting fact paragraphs for their state reports.

All reading groups read and discussed the next chapter in their book...chapter 3 for red and blue, chapter for green. All groups need to reread their books for homework tonight and get a parent's signature.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students went to art. We concluded the day with the winter band and chorus concert.

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