Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday...Mock MSA

This morning, instead of math, we had a practice session for the reading MSA. This was to help students, as well as staff, familiarize themselves with the test itself and the atmosphere that surrounds it.

After taking the mock MSA, we will have our regular reading block. In my reading class we will review the mock MSA problem by problem...except for the BCRs. I am planning (hoping) to meet with individual students to review their BCRs and discuss what they did well and what they can improve. PLEASE look for these mock MSAs to come home next week and review them with your child.

While I work with individual students, reviewing their BCRs, the rest of the class will begin creating their state travel brochures using the paragraphs they have been writing.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students will visit the media center. When they return to class we will graph the pitch that the slide whistles produces when extended to various lengths. IF there is time, we will practice singing our MSA song. Look for the words to the song...they will be coming home today or tomorrow!!

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