Friday, December 10, 2010 interestiong thing happened in reading today...

and it was NOT the snow!!! Read on to find out!

In math we continued modeling and solving division problems that involved remainders in the quotients.

In reading we read the folktale Stone Soup and identified the theme. We discussed the theme and the examples from the story that supported our theme, in depth. The students were sent back to their seats to write about the theme, using support from the story, in their RRJ. I also gave them a treat today...when they had completed all of their independent work they could "free choice" read. Well...knowing they could read when they were finished tested my theory that they rush through written assignments to read in the book corner (or at their seats)...overall their RRJ responses were EXTREMELY disappointing. Needless to say, they will once again have to earn this right on Monday. Disappointing.

While the students worked on their written assignments, Mrs. J and I met with students to conference on their writing pieces. We will continue conferencing with individual students on Monday.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students will go to music. When they return we will watch a video called Sound All Around to support our current science unit.

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