Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hump Day

In math we practiced identifying word problems as either multiplication or division. Then the students completed a follow up worksheet independently and made flashcards for the sevens facts while I met with two groups. One group practiced identifying the unknown member of a fact family. The other group used counters to model and solve division problems. For homework the students needs to begin memorizing the sevens basic facts and complete the worksheet.

In reading we read and discussed an informational article about Corn. Then the students completed a comprehension worksheet independently. All third graders will be doing this activity. Then we (the teachers) will get together to review their responses and use them to identify the students' strengths and weaknesses and plan for instruction.

Before independent work time we also practiced taking a topic and writing a topic sentence and identifying two possible sub topics that could become paragraphs. For example, given the topic of school, we created the topic sentence: School is a place people go to learn. Our two possible paragraphs would be public and private school.

While I met with small groups and Mrs. J finished conferencing on writing pieces (WOO HOO for her!!) the students worked on the reading comprehension sheet, finished their final drafts and wrote 5 sentences in cursive using past words of the week...this helped them practice their cursive handwriting and use their vocabulary words.

Reading Groups:
Red: We read and discussed the plot of the fable "The Fox and the Goat". For homework they need to reread the fable and explain the moral, in their own words, to an adult...and of course, get that adult's signature in their planner.

Blue and Green: Each of these groups reviewed the unknown words from Monday. Then we read and discussed their fables. Tonight both groups were given two small sticky notes...they need to reread their story and mark two places that either confused or surprised them or that they just liked. They need to be prepared to share the places they marked AND explain why they marked them.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students will go to PE. When they return they will identify pattens in pitch and vibrations as they create sound using rulers.

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