Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday...almost there!

In math we explored solving division problems with remainders. This caused some confusion so we had many small groups working on the independent work. For homework they have a worksheet that involved the basic division facts.

We began reading group by rereading The Little Red Hen and discussing the theme of the book. After discussing the theme we named details from the text to support our theme. After that we reviewed the steps of peer conferencing on writing pieces.

While I met with reading groups the students wrote about the Theme of the Little Red Hen in their RRJs and conferenced with peers on their writing pieces.

Reading Groups:
Using their reading groups books, each group met and shared the cause and effects statements from homework. Then, as a group, we identified and discussed the theme of the book. For homework, each group needs to reread their book and write 1 comprehension question, on the sticky note, to be shared (and answered) in group tomorrow.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the class will go to the computer lab with Mrs. Rose for their weekly media time. After that, Mrs. Howard will come by to do a lesson about friendship with the class.

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