Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowy Tuesday

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning...while we only got a dusting of snow, I wake up early enough that I thought my eyes were still adjusting!

Fortunately, there was no need for a delay so we will be able to get a full day of learning in! :-)

A note to math students and parents....PLEASE take the time (5 minutes a day, tops) to practice and MEMORIZE the flashcards that the students are making and taking home.

In math we took time to determine the difference between multiplication and division...the students copied a chart into their journal that stated the known versus unknown for each one and key words to look for in word problems.


Known is the parts
Unknown is the whole (total) and the questions will ask how many in all, how many altogether, how many total


Known is the whole (total) and 1 part
Unknown is one part and the questions will ask how many groups, how many in each group

We did not get to small groups but, instead, used our chart to determine whether given word problems were to be solved using multiplication or division. We did the first problem of our homework sheet together in class. There are 4 problems left for homework AND to work on memorizing the 6's using the flashcards we made yesterday.

In reading we read the folktale The Ugly Duckling and discussed the moral. I had a meeting to attend but the students continued to conference with Mrs. J on their writing and work on their final drafts of their writing pieces. They also read a fable and completed a follow-up comprehension worksheet. Additionally, the students worked on identifying the possible effect given the "cause".

All students met in reading groups and read and discussed their stories. For homework they need to reread their stories...working on fluency.

Following lunch and indoor recess, in the gym, we will have a class meeting. We will end the day by creating sound using rulers and identifying patterns in volume and pitch.

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