Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Outside Recess...WOO HOO!

Yes, that's right, the students got to go outside for recess today. I am looking forward to picking them up from recess, I bet they will be so happy to have had the chance to run around and release some energy!!

In math, this morning, the students worked on memorizing their basic facts. They made flashcards for the 8's. Tonight, for homework, they need to practice their flashcards and complete a basic facts worksheet.

In reading we continued reading the "pop-ups" book and learned how to make spring pop-ups. Additionally we learned how to read measurements such as 8 1/2" x 1"....(" = inches and x = by). Students who were missing grades were reminded of their missing classwork and expected to work on it. Additionally, some students worked on writing in cursive...I discovered, last week, that I might have TAUGHT cursive but that doesn't translate into my being able to read the children's cursive writing...OOPS!

Following lunch and recess we will have a class meeting where we will discuss the jobs (roles and responsibilities) of students, teachers and parents. Then we will use yesterdays natural resource and goods chart to create a lift the flap presentation of natural resources and the goods they produce.

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