Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Terrifically Cold Tuesday

This morning in math we began to explore division by either distributing (sharing) equally amongst a number of groups or separating groups. Then we took our fist quiz for unit 3. The quiz has been scored and returned to students. It should be in the math section of their binder. There is no math homework tonight.

In reading we continued our exploration of the folktale genre. Today we listened to the story The Funny Little Woman and practiced sequencing the story. After that, the students continued working on their writing piece, worked on a vocabulary sheet that supported their individual reading group book, completed a story map for The Funny Little Woman and practiced writing the capital letters G, S and L in cursive.

I met with all three reading group to review the unknown words from their homework last night. All three groups need to reread their books and get a parent signature for homework.

Before enjoying lunch and indoor recess we visited the book fair to do a preview of it and create wish lists.

This afternoon we will have a class meeting to check in and see how things are going. Then we will end the day by using nails to produce sound.

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