Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Weekend Update

Thanks to a good friend who stalks my blog, I realized that I haven't posted since Wednesday!!! That is SO not me!!! My apologies!!

I was absent on Friday and we had a two hour delay. So, honestly, even though I did write sub plans, I am not exactly sure what thoughts are the students had their math quiz, went to lunch and music and watched a folktale video to support our reading program...but the sub might have chosen to use different aspects of the full day plan I left.

Hmmm...that brings us to Thursday...a foggy day, snowed all day and the students spent the day anticipating an early release that never happened! Following lunch and recess the children went to the media center and had a guidance lesson with Mrs. Howard about friendship. I KNOW we had math and reading in the morning, but quite honestly, I do not recall what exactly we, again, my apologies for my lapse in blogging!!! I will try to not let this happen again!

AND a big shout out to my number 1 stalker, Nathan, THANKS for noticing!!

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