Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wax Museum

This morning in math we reviewed the items from the packet which the children indicated were especially challenging. I did some light bulbs go on!!! Tonight the students should use the review packet to study for the unit assesssment which we will begin tomorrow.

After math the children took the third, and final, MAP-R assessment for this school year. MAP-R is the reading assessment the children take on the computer beginning in third grade.

Following MAP-R we visited the fourth grade famous Marylanders wax museum. It was beyond amazing!!!!!! THe fourth grade teachers, Mr. Greenman and Mrs. Moxley, along with Mrs. Rose, the media specialist, did a fabulous job teaching research, writing and speaking skills. It was such a fun experience for us to visit!

Following lunch and indoor recess we will work on reading group assignments and writing realistic fiction. WE will end the day by going back to our social studies charts and indicating what needs the physical charactersitic satisified for settlers.

PLEASE remember that we have a poetry project due June 11.

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Wendy said...

Hi Mrs. Holman's class -
It's me - Stanley! I arrive here in North Carolina safe and sound earlier this week. I'm having a good time here in Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem actually started out as two cities - Winston and Salem. Salem was settled by Moravians in the 1700s! I have no idea where the Winston name came from. But they both grew so big, they became one town - Winston-Salem. I'll by home by June 1. See you soon!

- Stanley

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