Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day

This morning, in math, the students continued working on the review packet independently. Then we went over the entire packet, problem by problem, discussing the correct answer and how to get the answer. Afterwards, I made not of the problems that provided the biggest challenges. Tomorrow we will practice solving these problems. For homework the students are expected to go over the review packet with an adult. Try changing the numbers in the problems to see if they can solve a similar problem.

Reading started a bit late due to our math lesson. After reading the morning message, I introduced and reviewed our fourth quarter at-home project which is a poetry anthology. The information packet will be coming home in your child's folder this evening. Please read it and sign the second page. Have you child sign it, too, and return it to school tomorrow.

Following PE, lunch and recess the children will go to FASTT math, work on reading group assignments and write realistic fiction.

Mouse: Will reread chapter 5 and discuss adventures mice might encounter.
Onion Tears: Will find a non fiction book about the animal they chose to symbolize their character.
Pooh: Will discuss a focus question about their story.

We will end the day by making a bee stick in science. The bee stick will be used to help pollinate our plants once we have flowers.

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