Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting...

You can feel the excitement in the air...Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and we are now on the downhill ride to the end of the school year!

In math we are continuing to learn about measurement. We completed a chart that states attributes, the tools used to measure them and the common units in which the data is reported. After that we learned a trick to help remember the conversions for capacity. Ask your child about the garden and four princesses. There is an elapsed time worksheet for homework.

In reading we continued our analysis of the characteristics of procedural text. Today the children took the recipe and chart from Thursday and rewrote the directions for making a Pineapple Upside Down Cake WITH the improvements we discussed and charted on Thursday. They also worked on reading group activities.

Mouse: Reread chapter 9.
Big Black Dog: Met and discussed the parts of the story they marked with a "c" for clever and an "f" for foolish. We had a great discussion about events that could be marked as both!
Wise Children: Reread in group with me and then marked places where they would act as the children did with a "w" and places where they would not act like the children with a "wn". The marking of the text (directed notes) was done independently.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued independent work from the morning and worked on their realistic fiction. I was able to meet with several students and help with using dialogue in their writing.

We ended the day by cross pollinating our plants and watching, "into the Bee Hive", a Magic School Bus movie.

Pajama Day is THIS Friday!

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