Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

At the end of the day yesterday I got pulled into a meeting and was not back in time to ensure that the homework got written into the student's planners. Therefore, I was thrilled this morning that the the students completed and turned in their TFK worksheets. YEY!!!!

In math we reviewed telling time to the minute on an analog clock, elapsed time and conversions (ex. 1 year = 365 days, etc.). Then the children took a preassessment for unit 6. After that, we watched a short United Streaming clip about telling time. Finally, we reviewed identifying the correct hands and their movement around the clock. However, we did not get a chance to practice in class. So, homework tonight is a review of the division facts.

During reading we used an anticipation guide to help us focus on the important and relevant information when reading about Wasps. The anticipation guide contained statements that highlighted pertinent information from the article. The students checked a box indicating whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement (BEFORE reading the article...using only their background knowledge). Then the children read the article to find out whether they were right when they checked off agree or disagree for each statement. They highlighted or underlined information in the article that helped them.

The children continued working on this activity while I met with reading groups.

Onion Tears: Decided what information they wanted to gather about the animal they are going to research. This animal is from the RRJ assignment when they chose an animal that symbolized their characterisitcs. Then they went to the media center and found information about their animal. Finally they began noting the appropriate information in their RRJ.

Pooh: Completed reading the story aloud with me and had GREAT discussions...at two different points, they were handling the conversations without help from me at all! TOO COOL!

Mouse: Needs to read chapter 7.

Following lunch and recess, I attempted to do a lesson about developing plot in their writing. Unfortunately, it was not a success...so the children went back to their seats and continued working on their writing.

We will end the day with a lesson on careers with Mrs. Howard in the computer lab.

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