Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In math we began a review packet for the unit 5 assessment. Today the students were instructed to work independently and try each problem. They were asked to make notes, on the packet, of questions they had or challenges they faced while trying to solve problems. Tomorrow they will continue working on the packet. Then we will go over the review packet, as a class, one question at a time. The students will bring home a completed and corrected packet to help them study for the assessment on Friday. There is a worksheet for homework.

During reading I introduced the Diamante poem to the class. The format is as follows:
Line 1: 1 noun (subject #1)
Line 2: 2 adjectives (describes subject #1)
Line 3: 3 action words (related to subject #1)
Line 4: 4 word phrase describing feeling about subject #1 and Subject #2
Line 5: 3 action words (related to subject #2)
Line 6: 2 adjectives (describes subject #2)
Line 7: 1 noun (subject #2)

Then students worked on reading group assignments and writing poetry as I met with small groups.

Onion Tears: Discussed how Nam has changed within the story. Read more of the story out loud. Then the students chose an animal that they felt fit their character traits.

Mouse: Shared comic strips of Ralph riding the motorcycle, which they drew. Discussed why Ralph and Keith were able to understand each other. Began reading chapter 5.

Pooh: After rereading the story they wrote questions they had or were wondering about in their RRJ. We shared (and charted) these as a group.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we worked on writing realistic fiction. I conferenced with many students individually, helping them to better develop their plot.

Then we observed and measured out plants. We ended the day by reviewing our charts of physical geographic characteristics from Monday and adding to the chart the way these characteristics satisfied the settlers wants and needs.

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