Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump Day

We spent the majority of math reviewing telling time to the five minutes using an analog clock. I saw lots of improvement just from today's lesson and practice. While the students worked on a worksheet independently, I worked with several small groups of students. We primarily focused on explaining how they knew what time it was by reading the clock. There is a worksheet for homework.

In reading we read and discussed another issue of Time for Kids (we are finally caught up!). Then the students worked on a followup worksheet and reading group assignments.

Mouse: Reread chapter 7 and discussed it in group. THey will answer a question in their RRJ: How does Ralph act recklessly.

Onion Tears: COntinued their independent research. We will meet tomorrow and share their findings.

Pooh: Answered a question in their RRJ: Why is Eeyore so pleased with an empty pot and a burst balloon?

Following PE, lunch and recess we continued working on reading group assignments and writing realistic fiction andpoetry. THey also went to FASTT math.

THe day ended with a science lesson where the students observed, measured and staked their plants. THey also used their bee sticks to cross pollinate.

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