Monday, May 18, 2009


Sorry about missing a post on Friday. I had to leave at lunch for my youngest son's Mother's Day Tea and forgot to blog.

This morning in math we continued to identify elapsed time. The students are continuing to struggle with this concept. Please look over their homework this evening and if they need help feel free to provide it.

In reading the students worked in small groups to write step-by-step direction for brushing your teeth. Tomorrow we will evaluate how well these directions were written.

Following art, lunch and recess we will switch our schedule up a bit. Since we do not have FASTT math this week we will have a social studies lesson that will simulate trade from one community to the next. THe children will be split into 5 groups (towns). Each town will spcialize in a service that will be assigned to them. They will also be given pennies. The object is to end the game with a product from each town. Students will have to follow trade routes and barter in order to do this. It should be a fun learning experience!

If time allows, we will continue to write realistic fiction before ending our day with a book exchange in the media center.

Book Orders are due Thursday
Poetry Projects are due June 11
Friday is Pajama Day

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