Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This morning, in math, we took the preassessment for unit3. Once again, this is a tool that helps plan my instruction. It allows me to see what the children already know so that we don't waste too much time on old concepts. There is a worksheet for homework.

In reading I modeled writing a summary for a selection of non fiction text. I told the students that a summary should be short and to the point...3-5 sentences. It should state the main idea and any necessary details to support the main idea. Tomorrow the students will write a summary with my help. Then the children worked on individual reading group activities, cursive writing, and searching for -ough words while I met with small groups.

JGB:Completed a "Head in the Clouds" worksheet in their packet. Then began answering a discussion question in preparation for our group discussion this afternoon.

Dragons: Met with me and reviewed a character traits packet that they were given to use as a resource. It is supposed to be in the reading/language arts section of their binder. Then they selected a character trait for Morning Girl and wrote about it in their RRJ.

Frogs: Reread chapter 1 of Jenius and wrote a prediction (with support from chapter 1) in their RRJ.

Following lunch and recess I will model asking thick (good) questions about a topic that I intend to research. Then the children will continue working on their informational writing piece while I continue working with small groups from this morning.

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. The students will identify examples of transportation systems in their atlas.

Look in their planner for either a reading worksheet or a social studies prompt!

One more thing...

I need YOUR help!!! Please drop me a note and tell me how often you read this blog and if it is helpful! I want this to be a tool that is useful to you, the parents and need your feedback to make any necessary changes!!


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