Thursday, December 11, 2008

The return of spelling...

In math we worked on creating flashcards for the 6's. PLEASE make sure students are practicing their flashcards EVERY night. There is a 6's worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow covering multiplication and division.

We began reading by sharing and sorting -ough words....finally! :-) We noticed that while there weren't very many -ough words (compared to other spelling patterns), there were a few different sounds the pattern makes AND the words we found are words which we encounter in our reading (and writing) on a regular basis. SO, this is an important pattern to learn!

The children chose spelling words and then worked on reading group activities. I met with groups...

JGB: Met with me, shared the question s they had listed in their journal and discussed whether the questions were factual. If they were, we went back to the text to locate the answers. Then they were told to reread the story using directed notes. They are to mark places where Shakro tricked the king with a T.

Tonight they need to complete the Head in the Clouds activity in their JGB packet.

Dragons: Met with me and discussed point of view. Then we recognized that this story is told in alternate points of view in alternate chapters. Odd chapters are called Morning Girl because Morning Girl is the one telling the story. Even chapters are called Star Boy because he is the narrator. After that I read chpater5 out loud and then the children reread it in group.

For homework the children are expected to reread chapter 5...yes, again! :-)

Frogs: Read chpater 5 with me and they were supposed to write about their main events in the RRJ.

For homework they need to reread chapter 5.

Following lunch and indoor recess Mrs. Howard came in to class to teach another friendship lesson.

We will end the day by sa=haring information about the ear, using a student's encyclopedias from home. Then we will work in partners to write topic sentences using topics I provide.

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