Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

This morning in math we practiced solving multiplication word problems. I also worked with small groups to solve equations with variables. For homework the students need to complete a multiplication word problem worksheet and practice their basic fact flashcards.

During reading students were given a flyer about Scooter Safety. They needed to read the flyer. Then is their RRJ they need to explain what the main idea of the flyer was and how the flyer can help protect people. This will be scored for both reading comprehension and social studies.

I also met with reading groups to read and discuss last night's reading assignments. The discussion with the dragon group related to point of view. Summary was the focus of my discussion with the frogs. I am hoping to get to JGB either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Following lunch and indoor recess (we had the gym...VERY exciting for the kids) we will write to inform and go to FASTT math. Mrs. Hepner, the reading specialist, will be doing a mini lesson about writing good topic sentences.

We will end the day with a science lesson. The children will investigate pitch as they create sound using nails. Look for a possible science homework assignment written in their planner...we have to get far enough in the lesson in order for me to be able to assign it! :-)

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