Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terrific Tuesday!

In math we began working on the 8's multiplication facts. We made flashcards and there is an 8's practice worksheet for homework tonight. Please make sure your child practices their flashcards EVERY night. The children also worked on solving division problems by using repeated subtraction and circling equal groups. I really feel the children have a strong understanding of multiplying and dividing numbers. Now we have to MEMORIZE the basic facts and determine which operation to use in a word problem situation.

In reading we read and discussed this week's Time for Kids. The cover story was about the coolest inventions of 2008. So in their RRJ the children had to pick which invention they thought would be the most popular and explain why they think so using support from the text. The children also worked on reading group activities.

JGB: Reread their story and wrote questions they had in their minds as they were reading.

Frogs: Read chapter 4 with me and discussed it. Now they need to create a title for chapter 4 and use information from the chapter to support their choice.

Dragons: Read and discussed chapter 3 with me. Then returned to their seats to read chapter 4. Following their reading of chapter 4 they need to explain (in their RRJ) the reason chapter 4 is called Star Boy.

Following lunch and recess IO will continue modeling writing to inform with my piece about running. The children will then work on their informational pieces. We will end the day with our first science lesson from unit 2: sound...we will use a tuning fork (not a pitch fork, like I wrote on today's schedule...OOPS!) to determine how sound is created!

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