Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday's Rundown and a note about Spelling

The week has gotten away from me...don't read that the wrong way...we have been quite productive as far as math instruction, reading groups and writer's workshop are concerned. However, as time is always a scarce commodity, our new spelling unit has not progressed well. Therefore, the children will NOT be getting new words this week. Instead our new cycle will begin NEXT week with our assessment on the new words taking place on Friday, December 19.

Ok...on to today...
In math we worked on writing multiplication and division sentences for fact families. The children also practiced the "3's" multiplication facts. I met with two small groups to challenge them by introducing the concepts of factors and multiples. There is a worksheet (fact families) for homework and there will be a quiz on multiplication tomorrow.

During reading the children worked on reading group activities, searching for -ough words and writing informational pieces. I was able to meet with all three reading groups AND a few individual students...I told you we have been productive!!

JGB: Chose two characters in The Banza and wrote a letter from one character to the other. We talked about writing a letter that shows they understood the story and point of view.

Dragons: Read chapter two and wrote about a character trait for Star Boy using the resource list they received yesterday and support from the text.

Frogs: Read chapter 2 and wrote about the main events in their RRJ.

Following lunch and recess the children were split into two groups. Half went to FASTT math while the other half stayed behind to continue working on their reading group assignments and writing. Then the two groups switched.

The day ended with a social studies lesson. The children worked in pairs to identify elements of transportation systems in the Nystrom Atlas.

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