Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

I'm liking this weather and adjusting to the time change, so it is indeed a wonderful day!

WE took a formative assessment in math today. For homework, the children are to review the formative with an adult. While reviewing it, they should be explaining how to solve each problem...regardless of their ability to solve it during the assessment in class. We review each problem, in class, and it is important that they learn from their mistakes.

During reading, the children worked on reading group assignments.

W&M: Read chapter 2 of Journey in small groups. They had a BCR to answer but we ran out of time...

JGB: Met with me to discuss Humpbacked Horse. We had a wonderful discussion that we will continue tomorrow. Two things that "popped" during the discussion; Ivan had many character traits we admire and his family were bullies.

SP&T: Read chapter 8 and they, too, had a BCR to answer but ran out of time.

Following PE, lunch and recess, we will finish F is for Freedom. Then we will write to persuade and answer a BCR.

PLEASE make sure your child is working on their instrument and the diagram (with measurements).

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