Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Magazine Orders due!

Magazine orders were due today...no worries, if you forgot, send them in tomorrow!

In math, we used pictures and division to identify fractions of a set. For example, 1/3 or 9 is 3. Students were allowed to draw pictures but I also taught and encouraged the use of division. When faced with the problem 1/6 of 18, I asked the kids, "How many equal groups do we need?" The answer is 6, the denominator of the fraction. Then we took the set (18, in this case) and divided it by 6...the answer, 3, is the number in each equal group. So, 3 is 1/6 of 18....6 would be 2/6 of 18, etc. There is a worksheet for homework tonight and there will be a QUIZ (not a formative) tomorrow. We will not have math on Thursday due to an assembly. Use last week's quiz to study the concepts for this week's quiz.

We began our reading block by reviewing the strategies for solving multiple choice questions. The children now have a copy of this and the strategies for answering a BCR (from last week) in their reading section of their notebook. After reviewing the strategies and discussing what we already knew and what was new to us, they applied these strategies on a follow up worksheet. Then they continued working on reading group assignments.

JGB: Met with me and had a shared inquiry discussion about the Little Humpbacked Horse. We discussed why Ivan was successful in life when his brothers were not. They then completed their packets and we are FINISHED with this story! WOOHOO!

W&M: Read chapter 3 of Journey, in small groups, and worked on a vocabulary web. Then they met with me to reread chapter 3 and discuss how Journey is feeling about not looking like his mother AND we also discussed who Journey was truly angry with...is it really his grandfather?

SP&T: Read chapter 9 with a partner and then reread it independently. This was the final chapter in the book. So, after reading it, they were to write at least 5 sentences telling what happens next...continuing the story where the author left off.

Following lunch and recess, we shared morning work journals and reviewed the BCRs from last Friday. I modeled writing a good response. Then the children got to revise their responses from Friday.

We will end the day by watching the rest of the Schoolhouse Rock video and sharing pictures of one of our student's newest siblings!

Remember...the sound project is due on Thursday!

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