Thursday, March 6, 2008

MSA Math Practice

A few updates first...

The sound project is due Thursday, March 20. This is a three part instrument that creates a sound, a diagram of the instrument and a paragraph that explains how the instrument works. As a parent, I want to reiterate that this is your child's project. Yes, you may help BUT this should not add stress to the grown ups lives...I expect to see third grade looking projects. My goal is to help the children get a feel for how to plan for projects and stay on top of long range assignments.

Next, the magazine fundraiser...there are two books. A big book and a little book. The little book is due tomorrow. If your child (or you) fills out at least 7 addresses or friends or family who do not reside in Montgomery County, neatly, your child will win a Bling Ring and a piece of candy. They will also get a chance to win a Roboraptor and a stuffed animal. The big book is for friends and family who live near NOT collect any money...just simply fill out the forms to renew or buy a new subscription.

Moving on to today...
We did not switch for math, as we had MSA math practice in our homerooms. The children worked on the MSA practice as if it were a true testing situation. Then we went over the correct answers (and how to get them) as a class. Your child will bring home the practice packet tonight. Please review it with your child. If your child has specific difficulties with a problem, it would be great if you could create a few problems similar to that problem to help them learn from their mistakes...or check out the links on my blog or Mr. Vogel's blog to get some ideas off the web...another idea...go to and type in the topic and it will help you find web sites that might provide practice...OR...e-mail me and I can help you find a web site!!

Following math, we moved on to reading. Students did a practice buddy check and worked on reading group assignments.

SP&T: Read chapter 6 independently. Then met with me and reread and discussed chapter 6.

W&M: Shared interesting pieces of information from the reading of the biography of Patricia MacLachlan. Then we read a few more paragraphs together and highlighted important information. They returned to their seats and worked with a partner to finish reading and highlighting the section we began today.

JGB: Started rereading Humpbacked Horse with me, marking places where Ivan demonstrates a special quality and does something that will help him succeed. Then they went back and continued listening to the story on tape and marking the passages as we did in group.

Following lunch and recess we will visit the computer lab and students will get a chance to work on their Power Point presentations that they began last week. Then, we will return to the classroom to work on our persuasive writing pieces.

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