Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fundraising Wednesday

This afternoon the children will be going to an assembly about a new fundraiser that our school will be participating in...look for the information in your child's home folder. This fundraiser involves selling magazine subscriptions to friends and family. There are over 800 titles...many for children! Reading magazines is a great way for children to practice their reading skills and waiting for the monthly arrival of their own magazine will help build excitement into reading!

We got a lot done in math today! We began by talking the unit 5 preassessment. Then we went over the preassessment and watched a video clip about fractions. This next unit involves fractions, probability and money. It's a doozy!! Tonight there is a fraction worksheet (hopefully, a review) for homework.

We began reading by identifying parts of speech using words from the morning message. The students each got a white board and drew a t-chart; one side was labeled "word" and the other side was labeled part of speech. As I circled words in the message, the children added the word to their white board and identified the part of speech.

Then we discussed another form of figurative language, personification. Personification is when writers give human traits to inanimate objects. We discussed this concept, identified examples in text and shared other examples from our own background knowledge.

Following PE, lunch and recess we will use our persuasive graphic organizers to write a piece on either why we should or should not have PE, in school, everyday. Finally, we will end the day by going to the fundraiser assembly.

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