Friday, March 14, 2008


I was going to call this post Frustrating Friday because of my math quiz but I didn't want the entire posting to have a negative it is just being called Friday!

In math, we began with a warm up that included problems similar to those on the quiz. I thought this would be a great opportunity for students to ask for clarification on concepts prior to being assessed on them. Unfortunately, many children were not focused when we review the warm up and it showed on the quiz... Look for your child's quiz in their backpack today!

On to reading...during class they were given a piece of text and a BCR to complete. This was our final practice BCS for MSA. We will review the BCR next week...many worked hard...others not-so-much.

While the children were in music, I began scoring and giving feedback on the follow up worksheets from reading yesterday. The children had an hour to work on these activities and I am exceedingly disappointed and VERY frustrated with the lack of effort shown by MANY...check your child's backpack...I will have noted my disappointment and frustration on their worksheets. Please remind your child that effort is SO important!

Following lunch and recess, we will share morning work journal entries, since we haven't done that in a while. Then we will work on our persuasive piece that we started earlier this week. Finally, we will watch a Schoolhouse Rock Video that was brought in earlier in the week!

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