Monday, March 17, 2008


Sound Projects are due THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each student must turn in an instrument that produces a sound, a diagram with measurements and a paragraph explaining how sound is produced by the instrument.

Magazine orders are due TOMORROW!

In math, today, we spent some time trying to solidify our understanding of fractions and mixed numbers. We began by using money to understand fractions...a quarter is 1/4 of a dollar...$1.25 equals 4/5 or 1 1/4. We also did this with dimes.

Then I split the class into four groups and they rotated through stations that involved manipulative (buidling hamburgers and pizzas), flashcards and flip books to identify fractions. Here are some pics.

There is a worksheet for homework.

During reading we continued working on reading group assignments. There are many frustrated third graders today...sorry! I had many students going back to revise there written answers by including examples and support from the text they are reading. I have put feedback on their work over and over this is the next step...making them go back and redo it. On an up note...once they revised their responses, the answers were good and I felt like the children understood what is expected of them!

JGB: Still working on a written response to their directed notes. We will move on to vocab this afternoon.

W&M: Still working on reading chapter 2 of Journey and writing about the problem, in the novel, in their W&M journal.

SP&T: Rereading chapter 8 and explaining how we know that Anna likes Sarah...this is an INFERENTIAL question and causing some stress...but we are dealing with it and learning from it! :-)

Following art, lunch and recess, the children will continue working on reading group assignments, work on their persuasive writing pieces from the end of last week and we will review the BCR we did on Friday. We will end the day with book shopping in the media center.

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