Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

I am just overflowing with alliteration this week!

This morning began with a meeting for me. It was a regularly scheduled meeting where various professionals in the building meet to discuss the third graders' progress. While I was at the meeting, my math class was in the exceedingly capable hands of our regular assistant, Mrs. Starkey. They worked on identifying equivalent fractions and labelling fractions on a number line. When I returned, I worked with a small group of students to further their understanding of naming fractions on a number line. There is a number line worksheet for homework tonight and a quiz tomorrow.

During reading we spent time reading and evaluating a flyer. After identifying text features and discussing the information on the flyer, the children had two follow up worksheets to complete. I worked with a couple of students (one-on-one)to practice reading fluency and comprehension. We didn't get to independent reading group assignments today!

Following lunch and recess, the children will go to the computer lab to complete their Power Point presentations. We will share these next week during our computer lab time.

If time allows, we will read and discuss a new issue of Time for Kids and complete a follow up worksheet. If not, we will do that tomorrow!

PLEASE encourage your child to continue working on their sound project. They are due ONE WEEK from TODAY!

Also, we will not have a new spelling exploration until AFTER MSA testing...NO spelling this week, next week or the two weeks after Spring Break. Watch the blog for an update on the return of spelling!

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