Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Working hard...

The children continue to work hard and make progress...

During math, the children practiced solving division problems. Based on an "exit card", I worked with a small group to draw pictures to help solve the problems. Then I worked with a few students on 4th grade objectives...these included identifying multiples and factors of a given number and completing a function table. For homework, the children have to finish division worksheets and PRACTICE their FLASHCARDS!!!!

At the start of the reading block we review suffixes and compound words. Then the children worked on reading group assignments and the independent work from yesterday.

I met with the FLASH group to begin reading a new book. Then those students met individually with Mrs. Issacs to practice their flashcards and reread the book.

I also met with the Junie B. Jones group. We discussed the summaries of chapter 5 and I modeled writing one, as well. Then we read and discussed chapter 6.

I also met with the Fisherman group. I gave them the discussion question for our shared inquiry discussion and they began to write their initial response.

Following reading, the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they return to class, they will write to inform on a topic of their choice and we will continue reading about Washington, DC...if they work as hard as they did this morning, I am planning to show a Magic School Bus holiday video...but that is a surprise! Shhhhhhhhh...

A note about Grandparent's Day...I am trying to picture my own parents visiting my son's school and I firmly believe they would want to watch "typical instruction"...therefore, I am planning to give a math formative (remember, the children grade their own work) and keep our schedule as close to normal as possible...with the addition of a family tree activity...hope this doesn't disappoint any grandparents!

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