Friday, December 14, 2007


Here's the problem with productive weeks...the truly tire you out! We've had a great week but I think we are all ready for the weekend! :-)

In math, the students took a quiz covering I had anticipated (and hoped) they did VERY well! Following the quiz, we began discussing division.

We spent the majority of our reading block working on reading group assignments and independent work. I was able to meet with three out of four groups!

The JGB group who is beginning The Ugly Duckling, shared their text opener activity and listened as I read the story to them. Then they reread the story on their own.

The Fisherman JGB group reread the story with directed notes. They marked (using sticky notes) places with an F where the fisherman was unkind to Alice. They also marked places where Alice was mean to the fisherman with an A.

Finally, the Junie B. Jones group met with me and watched as I modeled how to write a summary of chapter 4. They had been given this as an assignment earlier in the week but their answers were very we reviewed the aspects of a good summary and I modeled how to write a good summary. Then we reread chapter 5 as a group. Next week they will attempt to write a summary of chapter 5.

Following lunch and recess, we reviewed a worksheet about the Damascus High School State Championship victory. They had to read the article and answers questions. We spent time going over this in-depth, as the class struggled while trying to complete this activity independently.

Finally, we watched a video about Washington, DC.

Have a great weekend...I hope we don't get snow...I have LOTS to do! :-)

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