Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Unit 3 Begins!

In math we began unit 3 - Multiplication and Division. We did a quick preview...well, it was about 40 minutes but I covered A LOT. The students took notes in their math journals. Following the preview, we took the pre-assessment to see what the children already know. Mr. Vogel and I will use the pre-assessment to determine the grouping of students and plan for appropriate instruction that meets the needs of our students. There is no math homework tonight but I encourage students to use the links from the blog to access a math website and begin memorizing the basic multiplication facts.

During reading, I met with the Junie B. Jones group. We read and discussed chapter 3. The rest of the class worked on independent work from their own reading groups, a follow up worksheet from Time for Kids and a compound word worksheet.

Then the class went to PE, lunch and recess.

After recess as a class we will edit another authentic piece of student writing and then the children will have time to write independently. I will also give the students a chance to share their writing with the class by reading it out loud.

Finally, we will review urban, suburban and rural regions. If there is time we will begin discussing the characteristics of a desert region.

One more light night of homework...make sure they read for 15 minutes and work on spelling...that's it!

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