Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grading Tuesday

Boy...I have my work cut out for me...we had a unit assessment and a graded writing piece today...LOTS of grading awaits me! :-)

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In math we completed the unit 2 assessment. Overall, the children did well. Tomorrow we will begin unit 3 with a quick review and a pre-assessment. If need be, Mr. Vogel and I will exchange students who would best fit in a different math class.

We began reading by talking about the elements of a good summary. These included:
  • stating the main idea
  • brief and to the point (concise)
  • reflects only what is in the text...no speculation or adding your own opinion
  • in a logical order
  • in your own words

Then I used the graphic organize from the TFK in order to model writing a summary.

Then the school nurse visited to do a lesson on appropriate hand washing techniques.

After that, the students worked independently while I met with small groups and Mrs. Isaacs worked one-on-one with students.

The original JGB group met with me and we shared places that the students had marked where Miobi learned about being brave. We discussed these excerpts and the embedded inferences.

The newly added JGB group met with me and learned about directed notes. This is when the students reread a story and mark areas according to a purpose set forth by the teacher. For example, today they reread Master Cat and marked places with an "s" when something in the story surprised them and marked places with an "f" when they thought something was funny. We will use these marking to aid our comprehension and discussions.

Following lunch and indoor recess, the students worked independently on their first graded Writing to Inform piece. Then we discussed the meaning of the word region (as it pertains to Social Studies).

Tonight for homework, make sure your child reads for 15 minutes...free choice, and that they are working on their spelling assignments...test is THIS Friday!

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