Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gotta love those productive days!!

We are just humming along today...

In math we tackled, and I do mean tackled, multiplication word problems. The children are really demonstrating understanding of multiplication...I am so excited to see their quizzes tomorrow...and by the way, there will be a quiz covering multiplication tomorrow. Tonight the children need to complete a fact family worksheet and practice their multiplication basic fact cards.

Moving on to reading...lots got done...we compiled a list of words with un- and re-prefixes. The children chose new spelling words and worked independently while I met with small groups and Mrs. Bonvillain worked one-on-one with others.

Both JGB groups began new stories. One group completed their text opener (think of it as a brain warm up for a story) and listened to a first reading of the new story. This group needs to reread the "Fisherman" story for homework tonight.

The other group began their text opener. We will share these tomorrow and do a first reading of the story (The Ugly Ducking). They need to read for 15 minutes tonight but it is free choice.

The Junie B Jones group met with me and almost finished rereading (an re- word!!) chapter 4...tomorrow we will write a summary of chapter 4 TOGETHER and then they will write a summary of chapter 5 on their own. Tonight, this group needs to read chapter 5.

Finally, the FLASH group began a new book today. They need to reread this tonight. They will work on comprehension questions tomorrow.

Following lunch and indoor recess, we visited the computer lab...we began making holiday cards using a new software package (Microsoft Publisher) and saved them to our desktop. Next week they will finish and print the cards.

Mrs. Howard ended the day by doing a Stop and Think lesson with us.

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