Friday, December 7, 2007

Multiplication Flashcards!

This morning, my math class began making multiplication flashcards. They used a calculator to find the products (answer to a multiplication sentence). Most children did not finish. I would really appreciate it if the students could finish these over the weekend. On Monday, I plan to review with the children a good technique to use with the flashcards in order to memorize the basic facts.

Following math the students took their spelling tests and worked on any unfinished work for the week.

Then the class went to music, lunch and recess.

After lunch we will read a book called Cows as a model of good organization in a nonfiction text. Then the students will get a chance to practice what we have learned as they write to inform in their writer's notebooks.

We will end the day by discussing the desert region and watching a video about it on United Streaming.


Jennifer said...

Didn't have email access while we were away! Missed viewing the blog each day! We are catching up now! Thanks!

Dana Holman said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip...glad you are back!

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