Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

Only two more weeks until Xmas Break and you can feel the excitement growing in the classroom! We are still plugging away, though...

In math, we had a lengthy discussion about how to use the multiplication flashcards to memorize the basic's the gist:

First, begin buy focusing on a small portion. Leave the rest to the side until you have gotten the first batch under control. Then, go through them for 5-10 minutes EVERY day. The ones that are known by rote memory should be removed from the pile. As the pile gets smaller, add more cards from the original group.

Hopefully, this explanation makes sense. I did "model" what it should look like in class.

Following the flashcard discussion, we watched a United Streaming clip about multiplication. Then we practiced skip counting by 6's and worked on a worksheet. Students did not have a chance to finish the worksheet in class, so that is their homework. Also, they are expected to practice their flashcards.

Following math, we used the morning message to identify nouns and adjectives. Then we read part of a non fiction text on the Desert Region. Finally, we began our new spelling unit...words with the prefixes un- and re-. The children are having some difficulty understanding that "un" and "re" are only prefixes if they are at the beginning of a root (or base) word. We will work more on this tomorrow.

After art, lunch and recess (outdoor!) we will visit the media center for a book exchange. I am also hoping to begin a writing lesson talking about plurals vs. possessive nouns. I am seeing a need for instruction based on their writing samples! Then we will go to the DES Holiday concert, where the band and the chorus will be performing for us.

For homework, students will need to locate 10 words in magazines or the newspaper with the prefix un or re and glue it in their spelling journal or on a piece of paper! They should also be reading for at least 15 minutes!

One more thing...graded writing pieces are coming home TODAY!!!!

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