Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a Day!

Wow...I am exhausted...good exhausted, though...we got a lot done today!! :-)

In math, we continued working on solving word problems using our measurement skills. Mrs. Starkey and I both worked with a small group based on needs that were identified through an exit card. For homework, there was a word problem worksheet for everyone...some also have classwork to finish.

In reading, we searched for more -ough words and learned the capital I and J in cursive. I also met with three reading groups. The original JGB group began rereading the Monster story with me using directed notes. They were marking where they thought Miobi was learning something about being brave. They continued this independently at their seats. The new JGB group read The Master Cat with me and then reread it on their own. ROY read chapter 2 in their Junie B. Jones book. The FLASH group worked with "kn", practiced their flashcards and began reading a new book about Maps. All groups need to reread their selection from class for homework tonight.

After lunch and recess we sorted our -ough words and created a class list. The students then created personal spelling lists. Then we went to an assembly. We watched a Russian trio perform.

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