Monday, November 19, 2007

And so it begins...

How come when we were kids it seemed like it took FOREVER to get from one holiday season to the next and now it seems like the years SPEED by?!?! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is THIS week and that the holiday shopping season has begun! With that in mind, homework will be minimal this week...And we won't begin a new spelling unit until NEXT Monday.

If you tried to use the links for math practice, there WAS a problem....but thanks to a classroom mom, I was alerted to the problem and have fixed both least I THINK I have. :-) Try them out this week since we will have very little homework.

OK...down to math, we practiced measuring using centimeters AND using the measurements to calculate the perimeter of shapes. While the children worked independently, I met with a small group to practice converting inches to feet, feet to yards, and inches to yards. WE used foot long rulers to help and talked about skip counting.

In reading we read Life in the Polar Regions and used our background knowledge from Angela in the Arctic to compare the two texts and increase our comprehension.

Following art, lunch and recess we began a story entitled The Wreck of the Ethie by Hilary Hyland. She is a local author who will be visiting our school on Wednesday.

After that, we had a code red drill and we used our webs to write to inform about a topic of our choice. Then we visited the media center for a book exchange.

Remember that book orders are due tomorrow...AND students still need to read for at least 15 minutes EVERY night...also, CHECK OUT the math links!

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