Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sometimes we just need to MEMORIZE!

That was the theme in math class today...PLEASE help your child memorize that 12 inches is the same as 1 foot and 3 feet equals a yard. We spent a lot of time today converting linear measurements both in small groups and independently. There is a worksheet, on area, for homework. The quiz tomorrow focuses on converting linear measurements (inches, feet and yards), identifying area and perimeter and a review of subtraction and numeric patterns.

Oh, speaking of math, look over to the left...those are links to web sites that can help you and your child practice/learn math skills...please use them! IF for nothing else, have your children work on the basic math facts...they REALLY need to memorize'd be surprised what 5 minutes of practice each day can do!

During reading we read a book called Angela from the Arctic. It is a non fiction book about life in a small town in Alaska which is located inside the Arctic Circle. We had a great discussion as we read the book...some points included how the text features (especially photographs) helped our comprehension and we used a map to locate the town and discuss why it is only accessible by boat or plane. I really enjoyed the conversation and I think many of the children did, too. The students then responded to a prompt in their reading response logs while I met with two small groups. Mrs. Bonvillain also worked individually with several students practicing sight word flashcards and reading a new book.

Tonight the JGB group needs to complete their Little Daughter of the Snow packets. The FLASH group needs to reread the Julia Alvarez book. The ROY group must read for at least 15 minutes but it is free choice!

After lunch and indoor recess, we will visit the computer lab. The students will create a picture in Paint and "hand it in" to me via the "hand in" folder on our school's computer server. Then Mrs. Howard will be doing a lesson with the children about perseverance.

Don't forget, spelling homework is due tomorrow and we will have a spelling test. Also, book orders are due no later than Tuesday!


vida said...

Happy Monday Mrs.Holman. Hope you had a great week-end.Just to let you know, those two math websites that on your blog does not work.Other than that you have a great and informative blog.

vida said...
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Dana Holman said...

Thanks for pointing it out...they are fixed! Let me know if you have additional problems!

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