Friday, November 16, 2007

Tis' the Season?

While we had an extremely productive week and managed to get a lot done today, the class, in general, was overly "chatty"...I hope this isn't the beginning of the holiday season excitement...oh well, as long as the children are still learning you can't blame them for being excited! :-)

In math we took our first quiz for unit 2...overall, the grades were good! We still need lots of practice converting inches to feet, feet to yards, etc. During reading we took a spelling test and the children had time to complete unfinished work...a couple still needed extra time, so they are bringing the Angela from the Arctic book home to complete the reading response assignment this weekend!

Following music, lunch and recess, we finished the book Wishes, Kisses and had a great ending...ask you child about it! And ask them which one of Mrs. Holman's predictions were right...I knew the owl was the dad!!

Then I spent time modeling how to turn our web into a piece of writing. We started to work on our writing independently but being that it was 2:30 on a Friday, the children's hearts weren't into we watched a movie about Thanksgiving...we'll continue with the writing on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend...remember that book orders are due Tuesday!


Jennifer said...

Wow...You are so dedicated to this blog! I love it!! Thanks so much for all your hard work! We really appreciate it! Have a great weekend.

Dana Holman said...

Thanks for the feedback! I enjoy it!

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