Monday, November 12, 2007

Early Dismissal Days

Friday and today (Monday) were early dismissal days. Although the instructional time was shortened, we still got a lot done...

In math, we practiced identifying the perimeter and area of shapes. I am teaching the children to use hash marks as they count the perimeter of shapes and to number the squares as they count the area. Remember, area needs to be labeled in SQUARE units. The class had a worksheet for homework that focused on area.

During reading the children worked on reading group assignments.

The JGB group wrote questions in their reading response journals on Friday. They were supposed to write questions they had in their minds after reading Little Daughter of the Snow. They were to pay attention to what they were wondering about and what was bothering them. Today, we reread the story using the directed notes we read we marked places with a G where we thought the parents were "good" parents and we marked places with a B when we thought they were "bad" parents. Tomorrow we will use these notes to discuss the story.

The FLASH group was to reread their book and write about one item mentioned in the book and what made that item special.

The ROY group needed to reread chapter 8 and answer the questions; Is Amber really upset because Justin threw the gum away? Explain your answer with support from the text. Then they were to read chapter 9.

I met with many students on an individual basis to review their reading response journal entries. I am focusing on getting more details and information into their written responses.

Tonight JGB needs to read for 15 choice....ROY needs to reread chapter 9 in Amber Brown and the FLASH group should reread the museum book and practice their flashcards.

Spelling homework is due Friday and we will take a spelling test!

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