Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Electronic Learning

In math today we visited the computer lab. We visited the site below to understand the relationship between length and width when determining the area of a shape...click on the link to see what we did!


After math, we learned that adjectives are "words that describe nouns" and located some in our Morning Message. Then we reviewed a few "ah-ha" moments from yesterday's reading lesson...these had to do with the organization and information contained in the table of contents and the index in informational text. Then we read and discussed Life in the Polar Regions. While this was going on, Brandon's grandma worked with children individually on their reading and sight words...thanks! Finally, the children worked either individually, with a partner or in a small group with me to answer a prompt in their reading response log.

It was a great morning!

Following lunch and recess, we continued reading The Wreck of the Ethie. Remember, the author, Hilary Hyland, is visiting DES tomorrow!

Then the children worked on their reading response logs (from this morning) and their writing to inform pieces (from yesterday). They day ended with Miss Jones reading a Thanksgiving story to the third grade and then more reading from The Wreck of the Ethie.


Jennifer said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana Holman said...

Thanks! We had a wonderful holiday...my husband grills the best turkey...YUMMY! Hope your holiday was great, too!

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