Friday, November 2, 2007

And it is November!?!?!

Hard to believe it is November already! Time flies when you are enjoying it! :-)

In math today we took the unit 2 preassessment. Prior to actually doing the pencil/paper task, we reviewed linear measurement and area and perimeter. I spent time explaining to the children that the preassessment is used to plan for instruction and is not graded. I told them that I needed to find out what they already know and what they don't know BEFORE I begin my instruction. Nevertheless, many students were uncomfortable since they didn't "know" the material. On Monday we will begin instruction on unit 2...some students will be switching math classes...many will remain where the already are placed.

In reading we identified verbs in the morning message. Then we identified text features in our Time for Kids. After that we began discussing HOW the text features help us understand the text. We began with a discussion on the importance of the date.

Prior to music, lunch and recess, we also voted on the Star Students for the month. There was a tie...Andy and Anna were voted the most responsible students and I couldn't agree more! Congratulations to both!

Following recess, the students will write thank you letters to the Rotary Club for the dictionaries they received on Tuesday. They will turn these letters into cards. Then they will continue with segment 3 in Econ and Me...they will learn about Consumption.

Our field trip is Tuesday, November 6. If you said you could chaperone, we'd love to have you!!

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