Monday, November 5, 2007

Starting anew...

In math today, we began unit 2. Right now our focus is linear measurement...primarily inches, feet, yards and miles. In class, the children used string and a ruler to measure curved lines. The curved lines presented some challenges that instigated some frustration but the children got plenty of practice using a ruler to measure. For homework, there is a worksheet, children will be deciding which unit of measurement would be best for the objects that are pictured.

Our primary focus in reading and writing this marking period will be "to inform"...reading and writing non-fiction. During reading, students used their Time for Kids, and in their reading logs, identified two text features (think, pictures, captions, bold faced print, maps, diagrams, etc.) and explained HOW these text features aided their comprehension. Then the students searched for more /oe/ words.

The Flash group met with me and we identified text features and discussed how they were helpful. Then I met with the JGB group and I read their next story, Little Daughter of the Snow, a Russian folktale, to them.

For homework, JGB need to reread the story, ROY needs to read chapter 7 of Amber Brown and FLASH needs to read for 15 choice!

Following art, lunch and recess the children will list topics they know a lot of facts about and start practicing writing to inform. Then they will watch part 4 of the Econ and Me series. This part deals with using resources to produce goods and services...this will definitely help us prepare for our walking field trip of Damascus tomorrow!

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Lisa R said...

can't wait to read about the field trip, I hope you all had a blast :)

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