Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

Just to let you know, I left early today to attend my twin nieces' graduation.  So, this morning, after the announcements, I carefully reviewed the plans and expectations for the entire day with the students.

Then, the children worked independently , on the following tasks, while I continued with my informal May/June reading assessments and met with a reading group.  First they completed an independent guided reading group task.  After that they finished, and turned in, their opinion paragraph.  Finally, they continued working on their expert books.

Pink:  The students read pages 16-22 and listed unknown words on a sticky note.  In group we reread the section and, using the headings as a guide, discussed and identified the main idea of each section.

After the pink group, the students continued working on their independent work and the substitute met with more reading groups.

Green:  Independently the children read pages 12-14 and identified the main idea on a sticky note.  In group

Blue:  Independently the children read chapter 10 and identified the main idea on a sticky note.  In group,

After the literacy block, the children began their math block.

While working with the substitute, the students solved two step word problems, completing the parking garage word problems we began last week.  During math with a partner, the children practiced their basic multiplication fact fluency playing a card game called, Multiplication Number Battle.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the children completed a two-step word problem assignment on Prodigy.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.

After the math block, the children had a small break to eat their snack.

Finally, the children ended their day with  Social Studies.  Today, they worked collaboratively in groups of 2-4 students, to plan and produce an indoor recess game for kindergarten students using the limited resources provided by me.

Tomorrow is WIMS Day.  PLEASE apply sunscreen at home, make sure your child dresses appropriately for outdoor activities, and send a labelled water bottle!!

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